Meet Brittany

“ I haven’t always been this confident. Not even until recently have I really begun to love who I am. I have realized that this is how God made me, and it’s time to live into that.” -Brittany

Isn’t she lovely.. Isn’t she wonderful..Why yes, yes she is. Meet Brittany Kennon, daughter of Christy and James Kennon. Oh yea, and she’s a High School Senior. She was just named a NC Teaching Fellow earning her a full ride to UNC-Charlotte. She wants to teach Special Needs. She’s had some practice in this specific area, her younger brother Nathan falls in line with that. And to see them together just affirms this as her calling. Her mother and I grew up together, Kindergarten through Graduation. She had the coolest treehouse that actually looked like a house in a tree and I remember her parents had a waterbed we would bounce on when they weren’t around. But anyways, in 4 years you will find her graduating from college and then setting up her class , and she will be exactly where she was meant to be.