Hi!  Meredith Koebley Snider here and I'm thrilled you landed here. My hope is that you see my pictures and want for yourself the same capturing of what your beautiful life looks like too.  I want to capture the light in your life with my camera and then turn it around and show you this beauty through each image. When we see our truest selves, we can feel the love and life, the awe and wonder all around us more effortlessly in every moment. 


I've been shooting since I was 5. Yep.  I was at my Grandparents "farm" we called it though the only animals were wild deer, ticks, birds, and the crazy night owl that kept us up all night. As a child I had this longing to capture, keep, and store up in pretty glass boxes these "magical moments in time" of my childhood but didn't know how to do this. Until this one day when my mom walked up to my Grandpa Risinger and nudged him to stop for just one moment while wheelbarrowing me, my siblings and cousins around so she could get him in the picture for once.  It was in the moment of this picture being taken, that I knew I wanted to be a photographer. Yep, it's true. I wanted to be able to capture these treasured moments of life, of nostalgia for myself, and for others. Helping others see the wonder of life around them, and more importantly within them.


I'm lucky enough to get to take pictures on a daily basis of my two little boys horsing around the house with Dad capturing my own nostalgic moments within my life. We still go to the Farm and yes, the ticks are still there. I love every minute of this identity called Motherhood.


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