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Have questions? Check out the FAQs below.  If you have questions that I haven't answered, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to help!

How does this whole process work?

Step 1


You find me through the mass index of photographers in The Outer Banks on the internet, or through word of mouth. So you check out my work, see if it matches with what you're looking for, and contact me either through the contact form on my site here, or Yelp/Facebook/ Google. I will contact you back through an email, saying hello and offering dates and times in the morning or evening that I have open as well as the cost of your session. Your session includes the edited digital images and print release.


If you would like to book, we will set a date, location, and time for our session from the options of dates and times I sent earlier.  As far as locations go, I usually meet families at their rentalnearest beach access to where you are staying. Yep, I come to you! There are other places as well we can discuss if you’d like a different option such as the sound, Whalehead Park, a pier, lighthouse etc.


In order to hold your date and time, I ask for a deposit of 1/2 the total amount including taxes. ( Fun stuff right? I have to pay sales tax and the obvious income tax on what I receive from the session). 

Step 2

Payment Details

I receive payment via Venmo (@Meredith-K-Snider), PayPal ( - please do the friend way so I don't have to pay the fees!), or a check in the mail is great too. Whatever is easiest for you. Once I have received your deposit I will send you an email with the Questionaire.


Step 3


“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you”-from The King and I

After I receive your deposit, I will send you a questionnaire that will help me better understand your goals for the session. It helps me get to know you and your family better and prepares you and your family for the session. Some of the questions are fun so don’t worry! 


Step 4

A Few Days Before the Session

Next, we arrive at a few days before the session. I will reach out to you by text, email, or phone just to check in and make sure you have arrived at the beach and all is well. We will reiterate the meeting time, day and location :) I’m always happy to help if you have any questions or need recommendations about the beach! I love where I live and want your vacation to be the best!


Step 5

Day of the Session

Yay! We made it! I will meet you at the location we decided upon and we will get started after I say hi and try to recall the names that you gave me in the questionnaire :)  If there are children I will be gentle in my greeting to create trust and playful to have fun, which gives us great pictures!!! I will try to keep the playfulness within certain limits so they won’t get too crazy and not do what we say at all. Please don’t nag the kiddos to smile over and over again. The rebellious child will intentionally not smile, and the pleaser will end up with a fake smile that... let's be honest, you just don’t like. I was the pleaser. My mom would say, “Now Meredith, not that smile.”


I will make sure to get one large family picture of everyone (I take one at the beginning to “break the ice” and then another at the end because by then everyone is comfortable). I then take all the family groupings you want, and then we play. We run on the beach, throw stones, make a sandcastle, cuddle up under a towel, look for shells, jump in the ocean, just stand there and smile, or not-whatever you would normally do together on the beach. I’m trying to capture the spirit of your family!


Step 6

Post Session

After your session, I upload and cull through all the images removing shots with closed eyes, strange people making faces in the background, you know that kinda thing. This takes a LOT longer than it should. But after spending time with you, I just love you all soo soo much and have a hard deciding between this face or that face, that smile or this smile?


Then I personally edit the images using my professionally trained eye to make small contrast, color cast, brightness type of improvements. Once edited, the images are uploaded to a secure online viewing gallery with your family name on it where you can view, share, download and even order prints directly from the site. I will also send you a mobile app for you to view and share your images directly from your cell phone. 

How long will it take to receive the images?

4-5 weeks after the session, you will receive an email with a link to the gallery of images from our session. The link will take you to the website with your family’s images all neatly put together in a gallery for all of you to see. You can view, share, download, and even order prints. The photo lab connected with the gallery is a top-notch, professional lab. The prices are crazy reasonable too. A 4x6 is around $2. You certainly can order prints from Snapfish etc, just be aware that the quality will not be the same and I am not responsible, nor adjust the images after 1 week of you receiving the gallery.

That’s it!

What should we wear?

If you have any questions or concerns about what you and your family/ group should wear, please feel free to ask or even look at the family portfolio and see what others have worn and you like. I love helping and it’s fun for me so please don't hesitate to ask for help! Send me pics of what you’re thinking or already have and I will let you know what I think works and doesn’t work. 

How far will you travel for a session/wedding? 
I'm willing to travel far and wide ☺️ There is a $65 fee for traveling South of Nags Head and North of The Sanderling/Duck. This is a standard fee in the OBX because of travel time and traffic. 

What if it rains? Can we reschedule?
The weather out here is wild, beautiful, and completely unpredictable, but it is also one of the things that make The Outer Banks the unique, special, and gorgeous place that it is.  If it is not raining at the time of the shoot, then we shoot. Throughout the week I will be checking the weather and radar constantly to keep an eye on things and if we should/ can move our date and time around. Often it just showers for a bit and so we just move it back a few minutes. The trick is to be flexible and best to book early in the week if possible.  I try my best to leave Fridays open for rain reschedules but can't always keep them open. 

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